enji Yoshida (a.k.a. ケンジ・ヨシダ、

          ヨシダ・ケンジ、よしだ毛んじ、超人吉田、吉田憲史)’s                            perennial themes are languages, translation, and dialogues.

He describes his art practice as art of ignorance utilizing his own ignorance, as a self-taught artist, as an artistic tool.

He makes mainly conceptual works and situation-specific performances. 
By examining the ambiguity and origination via mistakes and misunder-standings between others, Yoshida tries to grasp enigmatic
understanding floated in-betweenness.
This attitude comes from his own childhood background as being raised
up by Japanese parents and their American housemate (inconsistent worldviews), as well as being "Japanese" defined as a "perpetrator" and a "victim" at the same time in its modern history. 
Previously a sleepwalker, currently a father of two boys; 
also the co-director of TRA-TRAVEL (Art-collective /art hub) where he
curates exhibitions, organize online art school, artist-in residency
programs, artist talks and use it as a hub for international artists.