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2022  at Doubutsuen-mae Shopping street, Osaka, Japan / 动物园前商店街(大阪)/ 動物園前商店街(大阪)


Work format:  iphone screen recording / 苹果手机录屏 / iphone画面録画

Materials:  tarpaulin / 防水布 / ターポリン(2000 x 3000 mm / 1750 x 1500 mm) ,   any monitor / 电视监视器 /モニター


“  ” is performance videos and still images of them using the real-time translation function of Google Translate.

The real-time translation function is used to translate Chinese into Japanese, and the function produces constantly changing meanings/translations. The original Chinese text was selected from ancient and modern descriptions of Japan and China, such as "Wajinden",  the Chinese history book which first depicted the Wajin people who would later be known as the Japanese people" and Haruki Murakami's "A Slow Boat to China"

“     ”是使用谷歌翻译的实时翻译功能来进行的表演视频和静态图像。实时翻译功能用于将中文翻译成日文,该功能产生不断变化的含义/翻译。中文原文选自古代和现代对日本和中国的描述,如《魏志倭人伝》和村上春树的《开往中国的慢船》。