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Reunion of Old Chums

2020   Made in Taiwan


Work format:  Sound installation / dimensions variable 

                         Square light, 23 speakers (each 35 sec)

                         Each sound randomly plays. 

                         sometimes all the sounds play at the same time.


When there was a global shortage of masks due to the spread of the new coronavirus in early 2020, Taiwanese digital minister Audrey Tan's video (March-April 2020) taught how to revitalize used masks, and was dubbed into a variety of languages. Yoshida has recorded additional languages for the video. 

Yoshida tried to make a kind of a linguistic portrait of Taiwan by collecting as many languages spoken in Taiwan as possible as of 2020, asking what kind of landscape we can see from the equally set languages in one country.


Languages with (cc) are kindly shared by "PDIS" and all the others were newly recorded by the great support from "Indigenous Languages Research and Development Center (財團法人原住民族語言研究發展基金會)" and various individuals.

Followings: a list of 23 languages involved in the artwork:

(they are still a part of languages spoken in Taiwan)

泰雅族語 / Tayal(cc),  達悟族語 / Tao,  排灣族語 /Paiwan,


魯凱族語 / Rukai,  邵族語 / Thao,  拉阿魯哇族語 / Hla'alua,

賽德克族語 / Sediq,  鄒族語 / Tsou,  噶瑪蘭族語 / Kebalan,

荷蘭語 / Dutch,  西班牙語 / Spanish,  客家語 / Hakka,

台灣語 / Taiwanese,  日語 / Japanese(cc),  中文 / Mandarin Chinese(cc),

英語 / English,  菲律賓語 / Filipino,  印度尼西亞語 / Indonesian,

邦板牙語 / Kapampangan,  他加祿語 / Tagalog,  泰語 / Thai(cc),

越南語 / Vietnamese(cc),  土耳其語 / Turkish


(cc / creative commons license):  PDIS / Public Digital Innovation Space


Revitalising a Mask

by Audrey Tang / PDIS (April, 2020)

Technical support by:

Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, 何侊倢

Audio support by:


Installation photos and videos taken/edited by:

Robert Fan


財團法人原住民族語言研究發展基金會, PDIS(Public Digital Innovation Space),

施怡帆, 陣政穎, 范綱燊, Rik De Busser, Bali Nangavulan, 王秀蓮, 細谷悠生,

Kerim Friedman, Tresna Yusa Muhamad, Gökçen Dilek Acay, 施雅恬, 扶若雅,

Will Slater, 齋部 神威, Norman de los Santos, 吳映咨, 鄭乃銓,  TRA-TRAVEL

Supported by:

Treasure hill International Artist Village


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