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titled untitled

2021   Made in Taiwan


Work format:  digital paintings (dimension variable), stories






During an interview about the "Street Fighter" series at the Taipei Game Show a few years ago, there was a question from the audience: "Will there be any Taiwanese characters in the new Street Fighter series?" It's very natural for a fan of the Street Fighter games to ask this question if any character from their country would appear in their favourite game.


However, if there were a Street fighter character from Taiwan, what kind of character would that be?


Street Fighter 2 (1991) ©CAPCOM


Street Fighter 2, which became a worldwide hit and created the fighting game genre itself, is still globally played and loved, but its character designs emphasize national stereotypes, such as a Sumo wrestler from Japan, military from the US, and a Yoga master from India.

The imagining of a Street Fighter character from Taiwan encompasses questions about national identity, representatives, and stereotypes in Taiwan.


For this artwork "titled untitled", with the help of eight Taiwanese participants from different backgrounds and a Taiwanese designer, eight tentative characters and backstories were created based on the answers by those eight participants to the questionnaire "If there was a character from Taiwan in the Street Fighter world, what kind of character would that be?

Character design : 魷大 YoDa,

Character design support: 島本剛志

Design support: 范綱燊

Translational support: 何侊倢, 細谷悠生, Rosaline Lu

Script support: 何侊倢

Participants of the project: 


Mr. Chen(transparent).png

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