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(Una fábula / 寓話)

2016 - 2017   Made in Spain and Japan


Work format:  Video installation (Dimension variable)


Materials:  Projector, rear projector screen, monitor



Above: The Kyôgen Play Utsubo Zaru (The Monkey's Quiver) by Hokusai

@ Matadero Madrid
@ Matadero Madrid
@ Matadero Madrid
@ Matadero Madrid
@ Matadero Madrid
@ Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
@ Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo


FABLE(S) is a dialogue/trilogue between a monkey and two persons who don't have a language in common.

The monkey and the persons are mutually exotic, creating two layers of linguistic (im)possibilities: one dialogue between two humans, and another between two humans and a monkey.

The image looks like a contemporary version of El Greco's Una Fábula, while at the same time looking like Utsubo Zaru (The Monkey's Quiver) from Kyōgen, Japanese traditional comic theater.

Thus FABLE(S) reinterprets, or rather imitates superficially, these two references at once in order to tell a new fable out of two contextually different ones.

Una fábula by El Greco in 1580

Supported by:

TOKAS (Tokyo Arts and Space)


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