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2009   Performance in Berlin, Germany






Work format: Performance





At the time of the project, I was living in Berlin. Berlin is very cosmopolitan just like other major cities like London or New York. If you take a train, you wouldn’t hear only German but also English, Spanish, Turkish and so on.


If you look at a typical Berlin old apartment like the place I rent, it would be also like a miniature of the earth where there were people from different backgrounds and cultures. A typical Berlin old apartment has an inner yard and I liked to spend time there.  One morning I was at the yard and heard a singing from a window and at the same time the Islamic Koran from a different window. They combined in the atmosphere of the yard...


One Sunday, I asked all the residents of the apartment to open their windows by the inner yard for a period of time.

As an outcome, many different sounds of different backgrounds or lifestyles met at the inner yard to make an ensemble of the modern cosmopolice.







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