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Jia-Hao Chen's parents came to Taiwan from China as refugees. While living in poverty, they eventually made a living from recycling, and raised Jia-Hao Chen and his siblings. 


Smart from an early age, Jia-Hao Chen spent his childhood astonishing his parents and siblings by combining recyclable trash like LEGO to create something new and unique.


As he grew up and became a post-graduate (MA) student, he continued to passionately "invent" things. Around that time he started practicing Taekwondo at the suggestion of a friend in college, and found a girlfriend who was also a Taekwondo practitioner. Their happy relationship turned into a problem when Jia-Hao Chen went to meet her parents. Her father was the chief of the tribe, and he said that only a "real man," that is, a hunter and a warrior, is allowed to marry her. 


When her father told him that "If you can't be a hunter, you must at least prove that you are a warrior." Jia-Hao Chen decided to participate in The World Fighting Tournament, taking Taekwondo and "inventions" as his weapons.


Name of the character: Jia-Hao Chen

Age: 40

Gender: Male

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