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角色名字:李火旺 / 正男



Huo-Wang Li was born in the period during which the Japanese government still managed Taiwan. He became a long-term servant in a rich Japanese family when he was still a child. There was a daughter in that family, and Huo-Wang Li and her liked each other.


But their society identities were totally unmatched. When the Japanese government ended their management in Taiwan, the whole family of Huo-Wang’s first lover moved back to Japan. Since then he became a farmer and has been hiding his true emotion even to himself.


One day he found out that there was a World  Fighting Tournament which was taking place soon. He dreamt that his first lover, whom he has countless memories with, would find him on TV if he would win the game of this international tournament.

Name of the character: Huo-Wang Li / Masao

Age: 70s

Gender: male

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