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Growing up in Hsin-Chu, Chih-Ming came from a family of engineers and became one himself in accordance with his parents' wishes since he was a small child.


A city dweller, Chih-Ming had an impersonal appearance and obediently carried out his work as an engineer. Sometimes he felt like a robot himself.


In his obedience to his family, society, and the company, he suppressed himself without reflecting his own will of who he wanted to be and what he wanted to express. This turned into escapism.  His dream life where he could be something other than what he was became a refracted desire that made him juxtapose himself with his childhood favorite anime characters.


While working as an engineer, he began to create a weapon that resembles a card game, and to test his skills and know how strong he can be with it, he decided to participate in The World Fighting Tournament in order to become the person he really wants to be.


Name of the character:  Chih-Ming

Age: 28

Gender: male

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