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-- 由臺灣原住民部落爸爸,與前來臺灣尋求更好未來的越南少數族裔媽媽孕育而出。部份是因為她的背景,而部份是因為她的個人特質,她總覺得自己不被臺灣的社會認同與接受。同時,對於在兩個國家與背景之間,能夠如何定位自己,也讓她承受重擔與掙扎不已。







--  was born by her Taiwanese indigenous tribal father and her Vietnamese mother, who also belonged to an ethnic minority in her motherland and came to Taiwan to seek a better future.  Partly as per her background and partly as per her own personality, she always felt that she was not recognized and accepted by the Taiwanese society. She also struggled over how she could identify herself as coming from two different countries and backgrounds at the same time.


When she became an adult, she chose to be a chef of western food. As if to fill the void inside her heart from having two identities, she frequently went out at night to fight in a underground cross-genre martial arts matches. She kept fighting as if trying to earn an unique identity that represents the Taiwanese indigenous and the Vietnamese minority at the same time. To further self-identify herself and to be accepted by the society, she decided to participate in The World Fighting Tournament.


Name of the character: --

Age: 25

Gender: Transgender

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