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狄暘‧莫阿, a city-bred Bunun boy, grew up with insecurities about his gender identity.  狄暘.莫阿 was sexually attracted to the same sex, but due to his Christian upbringing, he was unable to face his feelings. He was subjected to various forms of discrimination (and micro-discrimination) against his origin and gender. 


As an adult, he once returned to his parents' hometown, but was unable to adapt himself to the tribe and chose to move back to the city with disappointment.

He was aware of the history of conspiracies that can be traced back to the time of the arrival of the Dutch in Taiwan (a history in which the people were forced to live like animals, losing their identity as human beings, disconnected from who they were), especially the policies and battles that occurred as a result of Japan's colonization of Taiwan, which have affected many generations over the years. He was also a victim of this. 


He decided to participate in The World Fighting Tournament to take revenge on the Japanese and their people, with his sublimated fighting style based on the headhunting culture that he learned from his tribe.



Name of the character: Diang. Mua (狄暘. 莫阿)

Age: 30

Gender: biologically male

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