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Where "I" is

2012   Transnational / curatorial exhibition  (Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand)





Work format: Video installation (Dimension variable)


Materials:  Internet, Two screens or monitors accommodated in different places respectively


Participating places:  Tasuno-hiranomachi Gallery in Osaka, Japan

                                     Film bar Wa in Seoul, South Korea

                                     Ulich Lau's studio in Singapore

                                     SHOUT ABOUT ART in Bangkok, Thailand



This work is about a notion of "place".



Lately, mainly two places are often discussed. One is definitely the digitalized place by the name of the “Internet”. The Internet is the place where you can instantly be connected with the transnational platform. Where you can communicate with someone, even in a hostile country. The Internet is often spoken of in connection with Globalization and is surely the leading figure of it.




Another place would be “local” places. Those local places have their own contexts and structures of societies, cultures and weathers.  



Connecting the local places with internet live streaming


 - over parallel exoticism 


By using an internet live streaming service, I connected two different places that have different contexts in different countries, into one art piece as per the structure shown on figure 1 and 2 below.







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