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扮裝皇后(Drag Queen)某某,是居住在臺灣的東南亞南島語系族群移民後代。


由於她複雜出身的影響,「某某」的格鬥風格涵蓋了由風尚舞(Voguing), 爪哇民間舞蹈與馬來武術錫拉特(Silat)融合出的旋轉與華麗動作。對她/他來說,格鬥比賽亦是表演的地方,可以向觀眾展現她自己。





性別: 跨性別 / 生理男性(但視覺上認不出來)

Drag queen Unknown, the heir to Southeast Asian Austronesian immigrants living in Taiwan, has a complex background as a Taiwanese, with her bloodline coming from islands located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. 


As a testament to her complex origins, Unknown's fighting style includes spinning and flamboyant movements that incorporate Voguing, Javanese folk dance, and Silat, a Malay martial art. For her/him, a fighting tournament is also a place for performance to show off herself to the audience.


The famous World Fighting Tournament is the perfect stage for her to perform to be recognized and noticed by a huge amount of people.



Name of the character: Unknown

Age: 30

Gender: Transgender / biologically male (Visually unrecognizable)

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